Franky T Beard Oil

We are so excited to offer this new and eclectic scent to our customers. The franky t beard oil contains all of our traditional nourishing and moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and vitamin e oil to help keep your beard fresh and soft, but we've added a unique twist: frankincense and tangerine essential oils. This combination offers a masculine yet fresh scent that you truly wont find anywhere else. It smells like summer and a fresh warm breeze with an earthy tinge like an aged oak barrel or rum cask. This scent is versatile enough to be at home at the beach or the boardroom and will help you stand apart from the crowd in the best possible way. What is the origin story behind creating this new, wild franky t scent?. From justin thomas, founder of better man beard:. My goal with this scent was to create a "Manly citrus" scent using essential oils that were good for beards, bodies, and minds. Frankincense is known as "The king" of essential oils because of its many benefits.